Old School Hymnals in Africa

Elder Paul Blair
June 21, 2022

Elder Charles Kitchens and I in our most recent trip in 2019 took a suitcase of Old School Hymnals (OSH) to Grace Primitive Baptist Church at Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Some of the members can read English, and we wanted them to read the words of the songs in the OSH to see how the authors endeavor to write  scripturally sound lyrics. We heavily encouraged them  to write songs of their own in Swahili. Elder Bryce Lowrance is helping them with their composing. The late Elder Obey’s son, Gift, has written several songs with the help of Mama Victor who is a teacher and is pictured 4th from the left. Accompanied by Elders Silas Ford, David Wise and Derrick Kitchens, we also took hymnals to Kenya.