The Old School Hymnal we dedicate to the glory of God and ask His blessings on this work. We pray that the hymns contained herein will redound to the Lord almighty.

"I will sing unto the Lord As long as I live: I will sing praise to my God While I have my being." ~Psalm 104:33

At the beginning of this new millennium we offer the twelfth edition of the Old School Hymnal to our churches and to all who love singing praises to God. The scriptures clearly instruct us to join together in "speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord." (Eph. 5: 19).

Our prayer is that the hymns and spiritual songs of this edition will be an abiding resource for worshipful experiences in our churches and in all gatherings where God's name is lifted up. In the noises of a busy world the soul cries out for harmony in life. May these hymns encourage peace of mind and the blessing of meditation as we contemplate the abundance of God's grace.

Elder Lee Hanks, then of Atlanta, published the first edition of the Old School Hymnal in 1920. Thereafter, Elder R. H. Pittman of Luray, Virginia, and Elder J. A. Monsees of Atlanta, Georgia, were publishers for almost four decades. In 1964 a corporation was formed to assume ownership, publishing the tenth and eleventh editions and now, the twelfth edition.

A few rarely sung hymns in the eleventh edition have been eliminated for this new edition; however, nearly one hundred hymns have been added, including most of the hymns from Our Little Hymnal, published in 1996. This edition also includes twenty-five new hymns, several recently written and composed, that are altogether new to our hymnals. Our Lord continues to bless us with "hymns and spiritual songs" written in this day which are blended in this edition with beloved hymns of yesteryear. Having published twelve editions over a period of eighty years, we are grateful for the opportunity to welcome authors of the twentieth century who have been especially blessed of God.

In an effort to make this edition more accessible for churches and individuals, we have combined the index for titles with the index for first lines. To distinguish between the references, the first lines are indicated in italics. A separate topical index has been retained as it was for the eleventh edition. For an historical perspective, we have continued our research to obtain the years of birth and death of the authors and composers. A date in parenthesis is the year the hymn was written or the music composed. We have also attempted to make the hymns more readable by better aligning words and notes and by expanding words, lines, and even stanzas in some places so that many hymns are more visually appealing and easier to follow.

While the planning and preparation of this edition has required several years, we recognize that this work, as with each preceding edition, is yet imperfect. We strive to improve with each edition and with each printing. To this end, we appreciate the advice and assistance offered by many friends through the years. This help we continue to seek. With thanksgiving and joy in our hearts, we submit this twelfth edition of the Old School Hymnal to the churches and to God's people everywhere. May it enrich our singing, broaden our fellowship, and, above all, glorify God.

Old School Hymnal Co., Inc.

Elder Wayne Peters  Elder Philip B. Green
Elder Dan Hall                      Brother Rodney Chandler